Seamus A Ryan

All of Seamus's fine art images come under the collective title of "Involuntary Sculptures " which he has broken down into 3 distinct subsets, floral, fruit & vegetables and shells & skulls. His biggest and most popular collection is currently the floral studies of which he is continually adding new images but as of late he has become somewhat obsessed by his latest series of shells and skulls.

Seamus approaches his floral studies from a background in portrait photography. His intention is to try to show his subject as more than just the object itself, hoping that people will come away from the viewing experience with more than the observation that "they were pretty flowers".

The title of his floral studies, by far his largest body of work, is "Instant Floral Gratification", which is a play on words and a damn catchy title too. It stems from two different areas, the first being that he hopes people will get past the "pretty flowers" tag and allow themselves to questions notions of beauty and perfection, for if you examine his images closely you will see that they are rarely perfect specimens, his pears are bruised and scratched, his tulip stem cracked, etc. The second being that he works exclusively with Polaroid Instant materials which allow him immediate feedback on what he is creating and provides the unique border effect which encloses his carefully chosen view point.

For those who believe that how an artist works is a major part of their creativity he will tell them that he uses just one camera (Horseman LX), one lens (150 schneider), one film (Polaroid Type 55 Pos/Neg) and one paper (Kodak Ektalure, now sadly discountinued and as a result means that many of his early editions will never reach the full 25 that they are numbered in), and that f-stops and timings are meaningless as they are so specific to just that moment of exposure. In keeping things this simple it allows him to get on with the art of seeing. He hopes you enjoy his "pretty flowers" and welcomes

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